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ABOUT Marissa

Marissa [Mia] , founder of Mia Malcolm Studio is a furniture designer and award-winning interior decorator who designs the spacious residential interiors of Fortune 500 CEOs, leading Hollywood producers, actors, Olympic athletes, and others throughout California, and across the nation.

Mia has won widespread acclaim for creating unique, environmentally-friendly furniture pieces, each of which is offered with the use of reclaimed wood. She curates a collection of designs from her prestigious client base, and includes them in her furniture line.

Marissa, the mother of two, established her company, Mia Malcolm, around the idea that “furniture is art” while capturing the furniture figure, she adds logic to the luxury lifestyle. She was motivated to launch the company partly by her fearless independence and partly by her artistic instinct and upbringing.
“I grew up with a paint brush in one hand and a hammer in the other. I carried 2 x 4's,  helped Dad and my brother Malcolm stand walls, then painted murals to pretty up finished spaces. I grew up seeing the process from start to finish” says Mia, a self-made and self-taught success who was influenced early on by her mother, a designer, and father, a contractor. She developed that perspective early in her career, when she launched a thriving mural painting business. Later painting for commission on Canvas, leading to a private art collection she has recently licensed with Leftbank Art. Exclusive works from Mia Malcolm Studio are available through out the country in Fine Art Galleries, Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Ballard Designs and Anthropologie. 

Mia is the creator of Find it! Place it!, a remarkable mobile app that enables the user to create his/her space plan and select furnishings for it. She uses the unique device to design the homes and furniture specifically for her clients.

Mia is the Host of UpCycled on The Design Network. Designer Mia travels city-to-city for her clients gathering antiques and special finds that she upcycles and uses to redecorate amazing spaces. She’ll show you the business, the process, the aesthetic and the story behind Mia.Malcolm.

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